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It’s a pretty complex juggling act. Attracting and appointing a Team, assembling documentation, navigating legislation, negotiating with authorities, pleasing stakeholders and driving every step towards a target with purpose. That’s why you should leave it to us. This is what we can do for you!

Project Management

As your project manager, we will assemble and appoint the best team to deliver your vision, and facilitate briefings to get everyone on the same page.

We then negotiate with council and drive the submission of the development and building applications on your behalf. All documentation, including contract documents, drawings and specifications, and critical path programmes, will be developed and managed by our team.

When construction is underway, we provide full administration to the project, issue formal instructions to the builder, hold onsite meetings and monitor all activity, maintain cost controls and check progress against the programme. Any problems will be our responsibility to identify and resolve. At any stage during the project, full and transparent reports will be available to you. At project conclusion, we will ensure all compliance certificates, approvals, as built drawings, warranties and guaranties are handed over to your Operational Team. 

Tenancy Coordination

As the landlord of a large commercial development, you can enlist our help to coordinate your tenants’ construction or refurbishment activities. Our ability to balance commercial needs with construction objectives means we’ll assist your tenants to get the best outcome for their site, while ensuring your standards and guidelines are met.

Meetings will be arranged with tenants to reinforce your property’s development philosophies. Their working drawings, including shopfront and signage details, and sample boards showing colours and materials, will all be requested. We’ll ensure that no work commences until all the project’s details meet your specifications. 

We can act as the general gatekeeper of development on your property, monitoring all existing tenants projects, relocations, and critical path programmes. Documented updates and experienced comments on the status of the tenancy coordination process will be provided to you at development meetings and to your property manager.

Store Rollouts

Franchising is a strong business model because of service consistency and cost efficiencies. The benefits are the same when you allow us to manage the design and construction rollout of your franchise. 

As managers of the process throughout the country, we can deliver consistent quality and craftsmanship, while also gaining efficiencies in time and cost. Draw upon our experience with franchise rollouts to formulate a fool proof plan, assemble dependable crews and manage a nationwide project steadily through to completion.

Health & Safety

All persons working on your site will follow industry accepted processes to ensure compliance and a healthy safe working environment. Engagement in this process provides protection up to Board level.  

All contractors receive a health and safety document package that is tailored specifically for your site. Contractors are not allowed to commence on site until all documentation has been completed and is compliant with New Zealand health and safety legislation and safe work practices. An approval to start certificate will then be issued to the stakeholders that confirms compliance. We communicate regularly with the contractors for the project duration to ensure ongoing compliance, including receiving and reviewing copies of their on-site health & safety documents. This information is reported back to your risk committee, executives and stakeholders on a monthly (or more frequent if requested) basis.