Respect – Trust – Transparency – Excellence

Any project’s function, scope, safety, quality, cost, and schedule calls for effective construction management.

At Forme, we commit to delivering any project successfully, from residential to civil engineering projects. We coordinate and organise all aspects of the construction process, from procuring equipment and materials to sourcing labour.

As your experienced project/cost management and tenancy co-ordination specialist, we’ll build effective partnerships from your boardroom to your building site and deliver exceptional spaces for your customers to enjoy. 

Our Commitment to you

Forme is not a faceless machine that takes the easy anonymous road, hiding behind emails. These faces will be readily available whenever you want to check in, query a detail, make an adjustment, and ultimately, celebrate completion.

As a client of Forme we want you to know that you have the right to expect the following standards from each and everyone of us.

  • Respect – Your interests will always be put first, as we will always respect your needs.
  • Trust – At all times you will be told the truth so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.
  • Transparency – Every dollar you invest will be accounted for as will every decision made.
  • Excellence – Forme are leaders in what they do and never settle for second best.

This can be summarised as PERFORMANCE WITH PURPOSE.

​Our PURPOSE is to look after YOUR interests in a commercially fair and reasonable manner. Our PERFORMANCE is based on experience and drive to achieve results most effectively for you.

PERFORMANCE WITH PURPOSE is our focus – it’s what we are committed to.

Our Team

Russell Goggin | Our Team | FormePM

Russell Goggin

Russell has accumulated decades of in depth knowledge of construction and the retail environment, both in NZ and abroad. Russell is adept at navigating through even the most complicated projects.
Paul Weinstein | Our Team | FormePM

Paul Weinstein

Paul has over 25 years onsite and offsite Contract Administration and Development/Construction/ Project Management experience on civil works, industrial, interior fitout works, commercial and residential projects in New Zealand and overseas.
Jenine Burroughs | Our Team | FormePM

Jenine Burroughs

Jenine’s experience at FormePM help her to communicate effectively with all parties working towards a common goal and quality outcome.