Who are FormePM?

Forme Construction Services Limited (FormePM) is a small consultancy specialising in the delivery of all types of construction projects.

Our services include development, project management, cost management, quantity surveying, tenancy co-ordination and health and safety.

Our skill set extends over the full spectrum of construction including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, seismic upgrades, office and retail fitouts.

Our sole objective is to ensure that any project is run effectively and efficiently leading to project success.

We exist to help you achieve a superior result to satisfy the projects commercial objectives.

Which services can we offer you?

Forme offers a full range of project/cost management services

It’s a pretty complex task selecting a competent and cohesive consultancy team, providing accurate documentation, construction cost estimates, navigating legislation, negotiating with authorities, satisfying stakeholders and driving every step of the development process towards a defined target with purpose.

We thrive in this environment and offer that expertise for your project.

Our project management consultancy services for construction include project management, tenancy coordination, quantity surveying services and construction health and safety. We will be with you every step of the way on your project.

Project Management | Services | Forme

Project Management

At Forme, we understand undertaking a construction project can be a complex and daunting task. That’s why we are here to make your building journey seamless and stress-free with our top-notch construction project management services.
Tenancy Coordination and Store Rollouts | Services | Forme

Tenancy Coordination & Store Rollout

As the landlord of a large commercial development, you can enlist our help to coordinate project management for your tenants construction or refurbishment activities.
Cost Management and Quantity Surveying | Services | Forme

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Forme is your quantity surveying company for specialised construction cost control solutions and quantity surveying.
Health and Safety | Services | Forme

Health and Safety

Responsibility for Health and Safety process and compliance is equally shared from the building site to the board table. These obligations extend to all works regardless of their extent or monetary value.

Which sectors do we work in?

We like to create long term partnerships to enhance the quality of our outcomes while reducing cost, time and stress.

Over the years we’ve worked with numerous clients on construction project planning, scheduling and architectural management across a variety of sectors including retailcommercialseismic strengthening and residential.

We have worked in major centres like Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown and are happy to work anywhere in New Zealand.

Retail | Services | Forme


With more than three decades of experience with project management in the retail industry, including shopping centre construction, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in the retail sector.
Seismic Strengthening & Earthquake Resistance | Sectors | Forme

Seismic Strengthening and Earthquake Resistance

Seismic projects by nature can be complex and there is always a risk of additional works being required due to discoveries along the way. The importance of through investigation and full assessment of the options available is key to minimising
Commercial | Sectors | Forme


Many of our commercial construction partners have been with us for over a decade on building construction project management, refurbishment and development projects. With long-term partnerships the outcomes get better and better.
Residential | Sectors | Forme


Forme are excited to have been engaged by the Property Development company, Strength & Honour Ltd to undertake the Residential Project Management for the development and construction of 12 new Executive Townhouses in Johnsonville, Wellington.


Learn more about the projects FormePM have been involved with

Papamoa Plaza | Projects | Forme

Papamoa Plaza

Retail Project Management and Tenancy Coordination.  Tenancies include Ocean Blue ...
The Palms | Projects | Forme

The Palms

Project Management of the base build for Reading Cinemas (including internal ...
Queenstown Central | Projects | Forme

Queenstown Central

Project Management and Tenancy Coordination of 40+ tenancies including: Mountain ...
Barrington Mall | Projects | Forme

Barrington Mall

Project Management and Tenancy Coordination. Tenancies include Westpac, BNZ, PaperPlus, ...
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