Trust Forme with the construction health and safety on your jobsite.

On 4 April 2016 New Zealand Health and Safety laws changed with the aim of reducing the number of injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Possibly the most significant change is that it is no longer possible to delegate risk or responsibility for Health and Safety in the workplace.

Responsibility for Health and Safety process and compliance is equally shared from the building site to the board table. These obligations extend to all works regardless of their extent or monetary value.

The penalties for non-compliance are all encompassing and significant. Our Health and Safety package provides a robust and transparent process that ensures Contractors comply with NZ legislation and adhere to safe work practices.

Forme will require that all of the site specific Health and Safety documentation is completed prior to the commencement of work on site. Contractors will be obliged to provide full documentation detailing the methodology that will be undertaken to mitigate any workplace risks.

Creating and maintaining good working relationships with Contractors is a vital part of the overall safety on site. We initiate regular contact with the site based personnel to reinforce that all tasks are carried out in accordance with safe work practices, that toolbox meetings are held and recorded, site registers maintained as well as the day to day site management.

This provides reassurance to all parties, that Contractors are carrying out works as stated in their documents and that they are proactively providing a safe and healthy working environment. Health and Safety success relies on awareness, transparency, strong processes, and Health and Safety leadership.

Forme can manage these processes, audit your site, establish protocols, promote best practice, monitor behaviour, manage your relationship with the contractor, and prepare reports for your risk committee, executives and stakeholders.

In short, Forme will manage all Health and Safety legislative and work practices on your behalf, ensuring legal obligations and responsibilities are satisfied as far as reasonably practicable. Taking the time consuming and complication out of Health and Safety for you.