About Us

Forme is the construction project management consultancy to trust.

Want assurance of ability? A sense of our philosophy? Proof that we’re experienced Practitioners and not born yesterday? Good thinking.

Rather than read a novel, here’s a brief introduction which we would be happy to expand on in person.


Forme’s founder Russell Goggin is a trade certified builder with plenty of experience. Clients quickly discovered he also had a natural ability to lead projects and manage people. They were leaning on Russell to provide wider services outside of the builder’s remit, as he was a man they could trust to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Russell decided to make a business of it, and in 1990 Forme was born.

Three decades later Russell has added a handful of “best in class” certified construction project managers to the small but perfectly formed team. Forme offers a wide range of abilities, paired with poise and strength to make the necessary and sometimes unpleasant calls to get the results you deserve. We operate nationally out of an office in Wellington and spend as much time as needed out meeting people, managing and coordinating project sites throughout New Zealand.


Expect our team to be fully invested in your project and accessible anytime, day or night. We don’t know any other way. Our hands-on approach is the best way to ensure smooth transitions and harmony between planning, design and construction. Your project will be managed like we own it, leaving you to concentrate on running your business, planning an opening day or projects further down the pipeline. 


There are many ways to skin a cat and Russell and the team have tried just about all of them. Our experience is at your disposal as you lock-down the vision, and we plot the best path to meet your objectives professionally, cost effectively, and on time.


When it comes to documentation you can expect compliance, clarity and accuracy.  Reporting is comprehensive, robust and tailored to your needs.  Understanding the enormous responsibilities and pressures on your shoulders, we will be doing everything we can to give you confidence in the process. 


All efforts are in vain if the end result isn’t beautifully constructed. Forme can assemble a team of true professionals (or use yours) and committed tradespeople, handpicked and commissioned on your behalf. Inspiring leadership, team players and honest, transparent documentation will ensure they deliver the best outcome for you. Your site will clearly reflect the dedication, attention to detail, and skill of the people who put it together.


Forme has a history of delivering complex construction projects both large and small. The success of our projects can be attributed to a great team who believe in our core values and have the expertise and  drive to deliver great projects on time every time. If you share our values and you would like to be part of a strong cohesive team we would love to hear from you. Opportunities do exist from time to time and we are always looking for new people with the right attitude and prerequisites.


Our wealth of knowledge and experience of construction project planning and scheduling across sectors such as retail, commercial, seismic strengthening and residential enables us to hit the ground running. We can ensure project success with solid construction management consultancy services. Starting with proper quantity surveying and estimating that informs the construction project management, our team will ensure a smooth process. You can leave construction health and safety to us as well.

Look through our previous and ongoing construction projects to see why we’ve been called one of NZ’s top construction project management companies. Get in touch to discuss your project