Expert cost management of construction projects starts with using the right quantity surveying and estimating service

Quantity surveying and estimating are cornerstones of cost control on a construction project. Our Cost Management team led by Paul Weinstein will be responsible for managing all aspects of the construction financial management of your project including:

Preparing cost analysis based on architectural drawings, engineering estimates, materials required and labour involved.

Preparing staging (i.e. Concept through to Detailed Design) Elemental Cost Plans to enable design teams to produce practical designs for the client and design teams’ projects.

Preparing Tender, Building Consent and Contract Documentation. Evaluating Tenders from Main Contractors, Subcontractors and where appropriate undertake Post Tender negotiations to achieve an acceptable Contract Agreement.

Preparation of Project Forecasting Cash Flow Charts. Preparation of Funding Pre-Condition Report on behalf of the client to satisfy Bank Funding requirements.

Monitoring and tracking of the projects and responsibility for the measurement and valuation of variations during the contract, processing and administering the Certification of Monthly Progress Claims through to Final Account.

Working as part of a team to ensure that the requirements and expectations of the client are delivered within the necessary budget constraints and time frame.

Preparation of Monthly Financial Cost Reports and full Development Final Budget/Cost Reports.

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