Your Quantity Surveying Company of Choice

Forme is your quantity surveying company for specialised construction cost control solutions and quantity surveying. Our experienced cost management team, led by Paul Weinstein, personally manages your entire construction project. It runs the gamut from the initial estimates to the final material costs and labour requirements.

We focus on precise cost analysis, accurate financial planning, well-prepared documentation, and correctly forecasted cash-flow charts. Once a project commences, we ensure it stays within budget. We achieve this by processing monthly progress claims and seeing them through to the final account.

As a result, our valued residential, commercial, and contractor clients can expect exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on our ongoing communication and proactive budget reviews. Please contact us to discuss quantity surveying, cost control, or project management services for your construction project.

Affordable Cost Management

At Forme, we know how important it is to offer a complete end-to-end cost estimation service that adds value to your home renovation or house-build project. If you’re looking for a quantity surveyor in NZ, we have a registered team to assist you from start to finish. We even provide independent cost projections to help you in securing bank financing.

We work closely with homeowners and architects across NZ to create tailor-made plans that fit your unique requirements while keeping the project on track and within budget. Get in touch with us today to see how our customisable cost management services can enhance your residential construction project.

Streamline Your Project

Streamline your commercial construction project with professional cost management solutions. Our commercial construction expertise, including a quantity surveyor in Wellington, provides comprehensive services to help you manage your building project financially.

Our team has the experience to provide accurate building measurements and prepare detailed pricing schedules and tender submissions. We also prepare building consent applications for local authorities. You are our only priority when ensuring all the applications meet your requirements before submission.

Everything You Need

We understand you know your business best. So, we work alongside you to create preliminary and general budgets, including everything you need for a successful project. Our services encompass project cost management and project and development budgets.

We specialise in providing full construction contract administration, from contractor procurement and tenders to sourcing supplier quotes and overseeing monthly cost reporting. We can even assist in preparing and submitting required bank funding drawdown reports.

Trust Forme to manage your project successfully. Get in touch with us about our cost-effective commercial quantity surveying solutions. When engaging with our quantity surveying team, you can expect the following:

  • A measuring assessment of the materials needed to create a schedule of quantities for residential and commercial projects.
  • A detailed pricing schedule for the building trades and labour involved.
  • Assistance to prepare and submit tender documents.
  • Preliminary and general budget preparation.
  • Cost advice on market conditions, risks, margin assessment, and competitive advantages and disadvantages.
  • Preparing and lodging building consent applications with local authorities.
  • Complete cost management services, including bank funding applications and preliminary cost estimates from concept to detailed design.
  • Preparing project and development budgets.
  • Full construction contract administration, including obtaining tenders and supplier quotes, processing monthly invoices and payment claims, and preparing payment schedule certificates and contract instructions.
  • An issued variation on price requests and orders, including monthly cost reporting.
  • Monthly bank funding drawdown reports to guarantee successful project completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quantity surveying is a professional service involving measuring and estimating the materials, labour, and other costs associated with a building project. It can help you understand the total costs of your project and identify areas where you can save money.

We work on many building projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and infrastructure projects. No project is too big or too small for our team of experienced professionals.

We can provide a full range of cost management services, including bank funding applications, preliminary cost estimates, and monthly bank funding drawdown reports. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have the necessary resources to complete their building projects.

Our pricing depends on the scope and complexity of your project. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for all our services. We work with you to develop a cost-effective plan that meets your budget and building needs.

Our professional quantity surveyors are registered with the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS). They have extensive experience in the building industry and have worked on many projects throughout New Zealand.

We have experience working with various building professionals, including architects, builders, and project managers. We collaborate closely with your team to complete your project on time, within budget, and to your specifications.

To start, contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your project needs and provide a free, no-obligation quote for our services. From there, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective plan that meets your building needs and budget.