Great construction project management delivers a high quality result on time and within budget

We offer industry specific construction project management services, including engineering and quality management.  Whether you need project management for a real estate development like a subdivision, a commercial building project or seismic strengthening work, our team of commercial construction project managers will see you right. As your project manager, we will assemble and appoint the best team to deliver your vision, and facilitate briefings to get everyone on the same page.

We then negotiate with council and drive the submission of the development and building applications on your behalf. All documentation, including contract documents, drawings and specifications, and critical path programmes, will be developed and managed by our team.

When construction is underway, we provide full administration to the project, issue formal instructions to the builder, hold onsite meetings and monitor all activity, maintain cost controls and check progress against the programme. Any problems will be our responsibility to identify and resolve.

At any stage during the project, full and transparent reports will be available to you. At project conclusion, we will ensure all compliance certificates, approvals, as built drawings, warranties and guarantees are handed over to your Operational Team. 

Contact us about construction quality management or any of our construction management consulting services.